Hi! My name is Teresa Yielding Rawson, and I love to do hand applique! I have started drawing my own blocks and projects, and after requests I am offering these designs for purchase. Current patterns can be "clicked on and viewed" from the menu at the top right of the page.

Currently, there are 2 projects available..."BALTIMORE RHAPSODY" and "LITTLE TREASURES." Both are available as either a digital download or in physical form via the US mail.

I am a musical quilter. I could not find quilt patterns with a musical theme when needed, so I have drawn my own! Perhaps you have watched this process on my blog, Fabric Therapy .

"BALTIMORE RHAPSODY" is a collection of musical blocks designed in the Baltimore Album style. The first 16 blocks contain musical instruments of a symphony orchestra and 3 additional general music blocks.

These blocks are available individually so you can pick and choose the size and scope of your project. You can also choose a 16-block bundle that will make the "Baltimore Rhapsody - Symphony" quilt, pictured above, or a 19-block bundle which is all the blocks currently available. If you buy either bundle, the border/finishing pattern is included for free!

Soon there will also be blocks from other music genres...Jazz, Folk, Country, Church, Rock and Roll, and World Music. The blocks in the Baltimore Album style all finish 15" square. This will be an ongoing project! In addition, there will be additional musical-themed blocks and projects.

"LITTLE TREASURES" is a project I started drawing when swapping 6-inch blocks. I have bundled them in groups of 9 patterns. Even though they are drawn for 6-inch blocks, there is an enlargement recipe included to guide you toward adapting them to 9- and 12-inch finished blocks.

There are eight bundles currently available...two flower groups, a fruit/veg group, an animal group, two misc groups, a pet group, and a winged things group.

My favorite method of applique is turning the edges under with the glue stick, hand stitching with silk thread, then soaking glue out and trimming to size. These patterns can be adapted for ANY method of applique, hand or machine, and embroidery. I have been experimenting with crayon coloration followed by outline embroidery with 2 strands of embroidery floss.

There are tutorials for my method of applique on my blog.

There are pictures of the quilt in the Photo Gallery.

NEWS FLASH! Right now the only country I am physically mailing to is USA. Now that the patterns are available in a digital format, I am hoping that will allow International orders...with no shipping costs! If your default printer paper size is not 8.5 x 11 inches, make sure you set your printer parameters accordingly so that the patterns will print in the proper proportions.