Rose Garden Piano 013


The PIANO was invented by Bartolommeo Cristofori in 1709, so that makes it pretty young compared to other instruments. It was created because the harpsichord just couldn't match the power, dynamic range, and expression of the violin. The keyboard has 88 keys, 52 white keys and 36 black keys arranged in two’s and three’s. These serve as guideposts to the fingers so that the player can find the right keys to play.

Several improvements were made to the original over time due to the demands of players and composers. The piano has strings, but is considered a percussion instrument, perhaps due to the mechanical mechanism containing hammers that strike the strings to produce the sound.

These are paper patterns for applique, embroidery, or other art projects. Each pattern purchased contains three regular, instructional pages (8.5 x 11 inches) plus one over-sized pattern page (16 x 16 inches) for the making of one block that will finish 15 x 15 inches square.