Baltimore Rhapsody - SYMPHONY (16) B0001


All 16 Patterns needed to Baltimore Rhapsody - Symphony Quilt as quilted by Teresa


  • Harvest Trumpet
  • Iris Garden French Horn
  • Posie Vase Trombone
  • Orange Grove Tuba
  • Tulip Blossom Flute
  • Sweet Pea Oboe
  • Heart Wreath Clarinet
  • Oak and Acorn Bassoon
  • Fruit Compote Violin
  • Pear and Berry Viola
  • Dancing Fountain Cello
  • Daffodil Double Bass
  • Grape Arbor Harp
  • Rose Garden Piano
  • Greek Revival Timpani
  • The Conductor

Original borders and setting directions will be included (for free!) as soon as the pattern is finished. However, this is not yet finished.