Heart Wreath Clarinet - Digital D-006


The CLARINET is a single reed woodwind instrument, made from Ebony or Rosewood, that appeared around 1700. The first ones were rough and sounded like a trumpet, and some were even made of metal. The instrument was refined and became a composer favorite due to its wide range and variety of tone colors. The mouthpiece is fitted with a single reed, made from heavy cane, that is secured at one end and free to vibrate at the other, tapered end to produce a rich tone when air is blown through the instrument. Keys and levers allow the player to play beautiful melodies and exciting rapid passages. Besides being used in an orchestra, clarinets are used in chamber music, concert bands, jazz ensembles, Dixieland and Klezmer bands, and waking up a napping Grandpa...

Digital downloads of each pattern purchased consist of seven pages (8.5 x 11 inches), including four pages which when trimmed and taped together make the full-size (15 inches square) pattern master for doing the applique or embroidery method of your choosing. The download is in Adobe PDF format and you will need the free Adobe Reader software to print the pages.