Oak and Acorn Bassoon 008


The BASSOON appeared in the 1600’s. The body is wooden and would stretch to 8 feet long if it wasn't doubled up so that the player can reach all the keys. The longer the instrument's body or tubing, the lower the sound. The bassoon plays in the tenor and bass range...very low. A thin, metal tube, or bocal, connects the body of the instrument to the double reed...two pieces of reed that are trimmed carefully and tied together to make the mouthpiece.

Air blown through this double reed causes the reeds to vibrate to produce the tone in the same way as the oboe and English horn. Some people consider the distinctive bassoon sound to be the "comedian" or "clown" of the orchestra.

These are paper patterns for applique, embroidery, or other art projects. Each pattern purchased contains three regular, instructional pages (8.5 x 11 inches) plus one over-sized pattern page (16 x 16 inches) for the making of one block that will finish 15 x 15 inches square.