Tulip Blossom Flute - Digital D-005


The FLUTE is considered to be in the whistle family, which can be traced back to stone-aged man. Ancient man made flutes from what was at hand - bone, wood, clay. Early instruments had no holes, therefore only playing a single tone. As holes were added, it was possible to play tunes. The sound is produced by blowing air over the hole in the mouthpiece end of the instrument. The flute is about two feet long and sounds the lowest tone when all the holes are covered by the fingers...as the holes are uncovered, the tone gets higher and higher. The flute, along with its close cousin the recorder, have long been considered "pastoral" instruments - the slender shape makes it a convenient and easy choice for shepherds.

Digital downloads of each pattern purchased consist of seven pages (8.5 x 11 inches), including four pages which when trimmed and taped together make the full-size (15 inches square) pattern master for doing the applique or embroidery method of your choosing. The download is in Adobe PDF format and you will need the free Adobe Reader software to print the pages.