The Conductor 016


The CONDUCTOR not only "keeps the beat" and keeps everyone together, but also studies each musical score so much that it is memorized. This keeps "the score in the head - not the head in the score" so that he/she is free to make eye contact with the musicians and draw every possible drop of expression from the performance. While a conductor probably plays at least one instrument, he/she knows much about all instruments. They must also be physically fit...take a pencil, hold your arm out at shoulder level, and try to direct through a song on the is not easy! To conduct is to be more than just a two-legged metronome, more than just an indication of tempo...the whole body is used to interpret the music through baton and hand flourishes, body positions, and facial expressions.

These are paper patterns for applique, embroidery, or other art projects. Each pattern purchased contains three regular, instructional pages (8.5 x 11 inches) plus one over-sized pattern page (16 x 16 inches) for the making of one block that will finish 15 x 15 inches square.